Security Around The Home


As a security professional, if I was purchasing a new security system for my business or home, the three main factors that would influence my purchasing decision would be... {more}

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It's Easy To Prepare Your Home For Vacations

If you re planning to take a vacation anytime soon, you're probably concerned about keeping your home safe and secure during your absence.

It's really not so difficult a task. The main thing to remember is that you're trying to make your home look and sound inhabited, and there are a variety of ways to do that. {more}


What Grandpa Said About Shutting the Barn Door
Even if your grandfather didn't say it to you, you've probably heard the old saying about shutting the barn door after the cows have already wandered away. The message: Don't postpone security measures until it's too late to prevent a problem. {more}



Anyone who's ever been the victim of a minor crime, an act of petty vandalism, or theft, for example, has probably wondered whether it's worth reporting to the police. {more}


Do you still drive a car that burns leaded gasoline or watch your favorite television programs on a black-and-white set? Do you heat your house with a furnace big enough to fill a small room? {more}


SUMMER SAFETY: Why Gas Grill Precautions Are Important

Too often, safety advice comes heavy on what to do and light on why. Our theory: if you know why a piece of advice makes sense, you're more likely to follow it. {more}



Motorists too young to remember the era when railroads were a linchpin of this nation's transportation system sometimes minimize the danger a moving train can represent. An average freight train weighs about 5,000 tons and cannot swerve or stop quickly. The best way to stay safe around trains is to stay well out of their way. {more}


Business Are at the Forefront of Security System Use, But Residences Are Bigger Target

According to a statistic from the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association, about 53 percent of businesses are equipped with security systems compared with only 8 percent of homes. {more}


Recovering From the Emotional Trauma of Crime
Recovering from a crime means more than healing physical injuries or replacing stolen money or goods. It also means recovering from the emotional trauma that goes hand-in-hand with being a victim. {more}


PINS, Ciphers & Security

We've all been told by our banks not to carry in our purse or wallet the Personal Identification Number (PIN) we use to activate our ATM cards. {more}


Rape & Assault Are Often Indoor Crimes
Society tends to view rape as a crime that occurs outside the home, in obscure alleys and parks, in the corners of deserted parking lots, in cars hidden by the dark of night. {more}



Long-distance calling cards are handy for billing telephone calls to your home or business when traveling. They can also be easy targets for fraud. Here are some tips for making sure your card isn't abused: {more}


Stranger at the Door? How to Be Kind and Careful

It happens to almost all, of us at one time or another. A stranger appears at our door asking to use ‘our telephone. More likely than not, his car has stalled and in most cases he's probably telling the truth. {more}



Police service has never been an especially high-paying career, but most police officers today enjoy much better wages than their earliest forebears. {more}


How to Keep False Alarms to a Minimum

An occasional false alarm is a fact of life in the security business, and one that everybody can understand. When false alarms become a matter of routine, though, it's time to take action. Remember that in most communities, repeated false alarms can trigger fines from police and fire departments. Fortunately, there are a number of measures you can take to keep false alarms to a minimum. {more}


FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - Essential Tools in Any Kitchen

No kitchen is properly equipped unless the chef's arsenal of tools includes a fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are classified according to the types of fires they can extinguish: Class A for wood or plastic fires, Class B for grease or flammable liquid fires, Class C for electrical equipment fires. {more}

Security Tips to Remember When Moving to a New Home

You've bought a beautiful new house and now you're ready to move in. Amid packing and unpacking, changing your address, getting a new driver's license and meeting with bankers, brokers and lawyers, you're feeling just a little bit overwhelmed. Anybody would. Criminals know how vulnerable you and your property can be at a time like this. That's why it's especially important to pay attention to security measures when moving out of one home and into another. {more}



Many experts believe that the way we carry ourselves in public can either invite or discourage personal assaults. Consider two women of comparable age and dress walking down opposite sides of a sparsely populated street. One appears distracted and walks slowly. The other strides briskly, with a sense of purpose. She holds her head high and alert. {more}


Don t overlook security considerations when shopping for a fence. A high, solid fence might provide lots of privacy, but it also makes your house a more inviting target for burglars. {more}