Stranger at the Door?
How to Be Kind and Careful

It happens to almost all, of us at one time or another. A stranger appears at our door asking to use ‘our telephone. More likely than not, his car has stalled and in most cases he's probably telling the truth.

For many of us, it's easy to picture ourselves in similar circumstances and to feel a desire to help. Unfortunately, it's too dangerous to let a stranger – man or woman - inside your home.

You can be helpful without sacrificing your own safety, though. First, explain to the stranded motorist that you have a strict policy of not allowing strangers inside your home, but that you will be glad to call help for him. If he needs a telephone book, look up the number yourself, rather than open the door to hand the book outside. Don't tell the person that you're alone, even if you are.

After you've made the telephone call, ask the motorist to return to his car and wait for help to arrive. If he persists in remaining on your property, immediately call the police and ask them to dispatch an officer to your home.

By following these procedures, you can provide the assistance a stranded motorist needs without jeopardizing the safety of you or your family.