Security Tips When Moving to a New Home

You've bought a beautiful new house and now you're ready to move in. Amid packing and unpacking, changing your address, getting a new driver's license and meeting with bankers, brokers and lawyers, you're feeling just a little bit overwhelmed. Anybody would. Criminals know how vulnerable you and your property can be at a time like this. That's why it's especially important to pay attention to security measures when moving out of one home and into another.

For starters, remember that the sight of a moving van leaving your house is a sure sign that it's likely to be empty that night. If you haven't been able to get all your belongings out of the house in one day, don't allow what's left behind to become an easy target for burglars. Keep the house well lit and consider having somebody spend the evening in the house.

Once you do get everything out of your old house, don't be too quick to cancel monitoring of your security system, especially if you haven't closed the sale of the house yet. Until that happens, you're responsible for the property and any damage it might incur.

Naturally, you'll need to maintain electric and telephone service to your old house since your security system is most likely dependent on them. If you have questions, just call your security company. Also let them know where you can be reached if your security system is triggered.

Shortly before you close the sale of your old house, give your security company a call so that they can coordinate the transfer of your security system account to the new owners. Then, at the closing, be sure to give the buyers any manuals for the security system, along with those for any other major appliances staying in the house.

Finally, be sure to call your alarm company for an inspection of the security system in your new home. They'll be glad to offer advice on maintenance procedures or upgrades that might be in order. Or, if your new home doesn't have a security system, they can recommend one that's right for you and install it quickly and efficiently.