Long-distance calling cards are handy for billing telephone calls to your home or business when traveling. They can also be easy targets for fraud. Here are some tips for making sure your card isn't abused:

• Memorize your calling card number. If you don't have to remove your card from your purse or wallet, there's little chance that you'll leave it behind in a phone booth where it could be stolen.

• When using your card, be wary of people loitering around public telephones. While pretending to hold a conversation, they could be recording your calling card number as you punch it into the phone.

• If you must give your calling card number to an operator, speak in a normal voice so that you can't be overheard.

• Never give your calling card number to someone who calls you, regardless of the reason they give you for wanting it. If the caller claims to be from the telephone company that issued your card, remember that he or she would already have access to the number.

• Finally, if your card is lost or stolen, report it to the company that issued it, just as you would report the loss of a credit card.