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What's Most Important To You?

I have a hard time figuring-out why many people are more willing to spend their hard-earned dollars on services like cable TV, rather than proper security for their home, business, or even their identity. Security is so Family at Homeaffordable these days that there is really no reason not to have yourself protected.

There are many options to choose from, all of which can have their own advantages and disadvantages. How do you choose? What do you really need? When it comes to alarm systems, do you still need a telephone line to have your system monitored by a central station? Will it work with VOIP?

From home security, business security, identity theft, safes, fences, internet security and more, we'll cover it all here. We'll go deep (but not too deep) into the various types of systems including fire alarms, card access systems, video (CCTV) systems, and home automation.

We'll look at options for keeping yourself safe People At Workwhile shopping online. Don't worry, we won't make things too complicated. This site is for beginners and the advanced "techies" alike.
We have nearly 20 years in the business of electronic security, and have done everything from system design, sales, marketing , installation, central station monitoring, and servicing of all types of systems.
Our goal is to provide general information, product/service reviews, recommendations and advice to residential and commercial users alike.

Checkout our blog for our latest thoughts and news that we feel you may find interesting. So you see, this site's not just about burglar alarm systems, it's about securing your whole life from end-to-end. Enjoy!